Some Oyster Tips

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Storage: When handled and stored properly, they can survive for months after harvest. We recommend that they be eaten within 2 weeks for best flavor.

Remember that oysters are live animals! They require the right balance of temperature, air and moisture to remain alive and edible. If not properly stored the oyster will weaken, its shell will open or gape, the meat will dry out, contaminants could enter, or it could die. NEVER eat a dead or gaping oyster.

"Do": Store oysters at 33-40 degrees damp cold. In the back of the refrigerator covered with damp paper towels is fine, or on ice in a closed cooler allowing for drainage of melt-water.

"Do Not": Store oysters in a sealed plastic bag or other airtight container. Store oysters where they could freeze, or where temperatures will fluctuate widely or reach over 40 F. Shucking...

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